How To Stake your OG UFO V1 and earn $UFO Token.

Let's first add the $UFO Token To Your MetaMask Wallet.

See the Pen Untitled by z2122cwd (@z2122cwd) on CodePen.

$UFO Token Contract: 0x0683F1cc5f72d088d73DA5558C1927DD648576e0

Click Me to copy the $UFO Contract to your clipboard

connect - Stake - Earn - Repeat.


Connect Metamask

Go to AbductingCollectiveStakes.com
And Connect your MetaMask Wallet.


Approve Staking Contract

Refresh the page and you will see your unstaked assets. Choose one and click on the "stake" button once.
You will be then prompt on your Metamask to "confirm and approve the contract." Click confirm, and wait for the transaction to complete.


Stake and Start earning $UFO

As you approved the contract, you are now ready to stake. Choose any of the unstake assets, and click the "stake" button again. Metamask request will be sent and you will be prompt from your Metamask wallet to approve the stake transaction. Click confirm and wait for the transaction to complete successfully, refresh the page and you will see the asset you just staked under a tab of : "Staked Assets".


You can claim $UFO earnings at any time.

You can claim your earned $UFO Token at any point, just click on the "Claim Reward" Button on the staking page and you will see the transaction to approve on your Metamask wallet. Approve, hold for tx to complete and check out your $UFO Balance in your wallet.

Stake / Unstake one NFT at a time

You can Stake or Unstake one asset at a time. It is also recommended to let each transaction to get approved before you submit your next transaction.

We know. We work 2 fix.

We are having a slight issue with the front end, as you noticed. Working on a fix and will release an update very soon.

If you would like to view the UFO V1 Assets that are staked to the Vault you can visit the UFO V1 OG VAULT